Planning Services

As a regional planning organization, Blackhawk Hills Regional Council understands that community development and planning are more critical than ever.  Community development and planning are ongoing processes of discovering community needs and developing and implementing priorities on how to address those needs.  Blackhawk Hills Regional Council can assist communities, counties, or community organizations in developing plans to address those needs.

What do communities gain through planning?

  • Planned future development
  • Focus on priority issues/projects
  • Development of local leadership
  • Help in avoiding potential crises
  • Eligibility for state, federal, and private funding

Blackhawk Hills Regional Council can also assist with:

  • Group Development and Community Organization Development
  • Meeting, Seminar, Summit, and Workshop Facilitation

If your community or organization is interested in planning services, please contact our office directly at 815-625-3854 or


If you have a project or initiative and would like our assistance,
please submit a Project Proposal Form.